Calc41C is a modern looking reverse polish notation programmable calculator.

Calc41C emulates the venerable and much respected HP 41C calculator.


  • Numeric entry,
  • Alphanumeric entry for functions and program labels,
  • Numeric rounding,
  • Transcendental functions,
  • Trigonometric functions,
  • Conversion between degrees, radians, grads,
  • Conversion between hours minutes seconds and decimal hours,
  • Polar/Rectangular coordinate conversions,
  • Logarithmic and exponential functions,
  • Basic statistical functions including mean and std deviation,
  • Decimal/octal conversion,
  • Program entry and editing,
  • User assignable keyboard for built-in functions or programs
  • Key-click (touch display to toggle)


  • Touch display to toggle key-click.
  • On-line manuals for the HP41C that are applicable to Calc41C can be found by searching the web for 'HP41C manual'
  • Of course, actual printed manuals are also applicable, and may sometimes be obtained through auction sites and the like.


  • Calc41C is based on an open source emulator, and source-code is available.
  • Calc41C is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Sound (BEEP and TONE) are not emulated, though a key-click may be toggled by touching the display.


Calc41C is available on the App Store.

Email Calc41C Support with any questions, comments or feature requests for Calc41C.